Tabletop Theory – Roll for the Galaxy

Love dice? Then you are going to LOVE this game. In our 2nd episode of Tabletop Theory, Adam bites off more than he can roll as he tries to demystify the complex rules and mechanics of Roll for the Galaxy.


Wait… how complicated can a dice rolling game really be?! Turns out VERY, but it’s all worth it for Adam if it means putting more Roll for the Galaxy players into the wild. Check it!

Also, in his infinite enthusiasm, Adam forgot to mention how you win the game. What a pro! It’s easy though. Here’s how:

First player to have 12 developed tiles triggers the end game.

Everyone then adds up the victory points on each of their DEVELOPED tiles, which are represented by the numbers displayed in the diamond/circle. They also include any victory point tokens they have gained during the game, if any.

The person with the most points wins.

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