Rant Theory Podcast – Soulscast! Special Edition


The joke here is “hey look some Dark Souls content! Haha! We already have a lot!” but FUCK THAT. This is our toboggan ride and we’ll steer it where we want! (You can steer toboggans right?)

This is a very special episode! We manage to shake free the shackles of the tyrannical Omo and summon in some lords in his place. This week we have our webmaster of puppets and site contributor Ryan “Dancer of the Frosted Valley” Sumners  and long time Rant Theory homie and OG Souls dealer, Adam”Dark Wraith” Connellan aka along with Adam “Lunchlord burrNito”B Metal and Nathan”pretty much Blighttown” Pye.

Sit back and burn an ember (?) and listen to us fawn over Dark Souls 3.

Direct Download!


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