YO TRICK. DOOM is pretty tight.

The lead up to DOOM’s release included an underwhelming multiplayer beta and the notable lack of pre-release coverage leaving most to believe that it was heading in the direction of a potential flop.

Well. DOOM is FUCKING INCREDIBLE. That’s it. You can leave now. That’s all that needs to be said.

Still here and want me to justify that statement? FINE. But only because I want too and not because you’re making me.

It has a tangible aggression.
I can’t remember the last game that managed to walk the fine line between over the top violent, aggression and being obnoxiously ‘hardcore’. From the word go, DOOM is in your face. The down tuned guitars, the environment around you going to shit and everything trying to murder your face off. The ground? You hit that motherfucker RUNNING.

You can’t help but love it’s goofy story
“The Doom Slayer” tricked and imprisoned in Hell by the demons to stop him from beating the complete and utter shit out of them, is brought back to Mars, in his sealed sarcophagus, when humanity starts to harness Hell’s energies for mankind, as a sort of insurance policy against the demons.

Not making that up.

It’s sound design is FUCKING. INSANE.
From the environment to the monsters and all of the weapons, everything sounds exactly like it should. Which is weird considering nobody knows what the FUCK a plasma rifle would sound like. The bitchin’ riffs boil blood, and dare ANYONE not to be COMPLETELY FUCKING JAZZED after listening to it. Music is layered into the game in such a way that when shit goes sideways, the music if nothing else will let you know. It all comes together in a way that is on-motherfucking-point.

It makes you feel like a badass.
I can’t ever remember seeing gameplay footage in a trailer and then while playing, caught myself doing ALL of that kooky, super cool looking shit. DOOM makes you feel like a badass. Maybe it resonates a little more with me because that’s how i’ve played most FPS since forever, but the game rewards aggressive and opportunistic play like few others.

Luring a Pinky in to then double jump over and nail it with a super shotgun blast to the back is stylish and satisfying, but something you don’t appreciate until entire melee is over because it’s only one of five fucking stupefyingly awesome events that just took place in the last 3 minutes.

It fucking MOVES.
For whatever reason, I get a strong Bulletstorm vibe from the style of the game. For all it’s faults, Bulletstorm was a fun and unique experience which demanded a certain pace for its scoring system. The faster and more precise you were, the more points it awarded you. DOOM has that essence without the scoreboard. It’s driving, demanding to be played at an unrelenting pace.

It’s learnt a lot from the genre it defined.
Mantling. Weapon upgrades. Challenges. All things that when told are in an ID Software game, let alone a DOOM game would be cause for concern. But it all works. It helps to break up the core loop’s repetitiveness just enough that the loop never gets old.

It’s taken cues from Wolfenstein: The New Order on how to make weapon upgrade progression fun and challenging. The mechanics behind the fan favourite Chainsaw and newly introduced Glory Kill system, seem gratuitous and completely unnecessary on paper. But they build into a kind of sudo-combo system that just keep the action flowing naturally and effortlessly.

It’s also maybe not learnt some things.
The Multiplayer is average, ain’t no way around it. It’s serviceable. But for a title in THE series that helped define modern multiplayer shooters, it’s a little disappointing. Snapmap though, not the complete joke everyone thought it was going to be. More Mario Maker than Little Big Planet with execution, it adds some extra weird shit to the mix.

It’s really fucking funny.
When you place a man whose primary profession is murdering demons and that punches literally EVERYTHING, in a narrative driven, fully realised world and it would seem kinda grim. But the dryness of the humour carries it SO WELL. Being told the only way to turn something off is very complicated only to watch as you kick the literal shit out of it is grin inducing.

SO. With DOOM being as well received as it has been, combined with the success that Machinehead Games had with Wolfenstein: The New Order, the question has to be asked, if ID was to revive the last of it’s IPs, Quake, would it be as well received and/or surprising, or have expectations been raised accordingly because of these fantastic titles?

And what does ID now do with DOOM? The story finishes in such a way that it leaves the door wide open for a sequel or expansion. What does the DLC bring? More multiplayer that nobody is really asking for or does the singleplayer content get broken into an episodic structure?

How ID capitalises on this success will be most interesting. Regardless. This game is fucking rad. Go and play it. NOW.

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