Playing Catch Up


So as with every year, there were just games you never get around to playing. No matter how many times a game is recommended, or how often you hear from multiple sources that you should play it, shit just happens.

For me, it’s unfortunately indie games that tend to get the short straw when it comes to games that I “should” be playing. So I spent some time over the Christmas break catching up on some of 2016’s games I feel like I should have put some time into.



It is my opinion that Inside is not a good video game. That’s not to say that I think it’s a terrible tire fire of a thing, but just that the parts that require you to interact with it, suck considerable ass.

I am also aware that this is an unpopular position to take on this game. But fuck you, it’s mine to take.

I played only a little of Limbo and that was well after it’s initial release, so I didn’t really get a true taste of what that game was. But when people started talking about Inside with such fever, it went on the list.

It’s very pretty, super well animated and the sound design is great. The gameplay is poo.

I too often found myself quickly identifying the solution to the puzzle presented, but was being hamstrung by controls that were at the mercy of the animation, or having to do the same repetitive action that punished you if you tried to rush it.

I started to get frustrated with these situations, which started to detract from my interest in the story the game was trying to tell. And just as that story got super interesting, it was over.

8 out 10 What the fucks.



Abzu is “Be Chill” the video game.

Even though I own it, I never got around to playing Journey. But that art style and animation always grabbed my attention. Abzu is no different.

I’ve only played about an hour or so, but that hour was relaxing enough to almost put me to sleep.

4 out of 5 Chill AF.


The Witness

People went slightly insane when The Witness was released, and even though it did tickle that broken part of my brain that loves/loathes puzzle games, I just never pulled the trigger on picking it up.

I now understand why people went nuts, the game is very cool. I’ve only put a few hours into it, but the world, puzzles and how they inter connect is a fucking marvel.

Wandering around the world is a pleasure and generally pretty chill, which is great considering I actually had to go for a digital walk around it after losing my fucking shit at one of the many GOD DAMN BULLSHIT PUZZLES.

It’s really great. But also total bullshit.

75 out of 100 Fuck you, that is totally the solution’s.



I couldn’t tell you if I’m a fan of rhythm games, even after the countless I have played. But I am a fan of Thumper.

With a percussion heavy soundtrack and a look reminiscent of a Tool album’s cover art, Thumper is a relentless audio visual experience.

I think I’m maybe 3 or 4 levels in and I’m enjoying it so far even if I’ve hit the occasional bit of cheap feeling bullshit that has sent me into a fit of rage.

11 out of 10 Weird trippy shit.

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