Monster Hunter Generation Hasty Review


So a new Monster Hunter! Generations! Why isn’t Nathan screaming from the rooftops about it? Is it terrible? Just rehashed garbage? Has he finally realised the truth? Has he just not stopped playing? That’s gross?

Well, it’s a couple things actually.

First of all, it’s great. I really just wanted to wait until I had a little more of it under my belt so I didn’t give it short shrift.

That leads to my first thought.

It’s a slow start

It’s no secret that MH games are a slow burn, but in comparison to the last instalment it doesn’t exactly start with a bang. I can see people’s experiences being coloured because of it. If you put heaps of hours into 4U walking into 10 hours of early game feels a lot like trudging through unnecessary mud.

It tries to explain A LOT more.

MH hides a lot. Stats, meanings, systems. For no reason mostly. It’s fun to dig into, but it’s easy to just miss stuff. I have played MH games for at least 500-600 hours and didn’t even know how the Long Sword Spirit Gauge worked until YESTERDAY.

But here we see a lot of effort to surface some more of that stuff. It’s just nice to see the numbers sometimes. That being said…


Generations just DUMPS.

4U did a lot to make the ramp up a lot more palatable than early versions of the game. It doled out features consistently as you progressed through a fairly straightforward progression.  Generations is like “HERE ARE SYSTEMS, HERE ARE WEAPONS, YOU CAN BE A CAT, HUNTER ARTS, HERE ARE TOWNS, HAVE MANY QUESTS”


It’s fucking FUN.

Here’s how the MH progression has always been for me.

-Find a weapon, stick with it for a hundred hours.

-Try something else for a bit.

-Go back to the first one.

Generations wants you to fuck around. The introduction of Hunting Styles and the associated super-moves called Hunting Arts just cry out to be messed around with. You can find gold with the most unlikely way possible. Aerial Hammer anyone? Which leads me to…


Hunter Arts break the game in the best way possible

MH has always had a super deep combat system with finely tuned archetypes that mean all weapons are pretty much equally viable.

Generations throws its hands up and shouts “FUCK IT!”

The hammer is heavy with slower strikes and a short range. FUCK IT, whack Aerial on and start raining down hammery blows on top of that dumb ass Gypceros head.

Don’t feel like you’re showing off enough? Try Adept and start diving into attacks like a lunatic to try trigger brutal counters.

They mix up combat in a really satisfying way and encourage experimentation. You feel overpowered in a game that generally likes to squash you.

Don’t like it? Don’t use them. Easy. Just don’t be surprised when you go online and some asshole is using you as a springboard to do front flips with a Great Sword.


It’s showing it’s age

Reusing old monsters is a great way to pad out an already content laden game but man, MAN to the old monsters look like shit in comparison. They are considerably less interesting to fight too and at times, just bad. Blangonga can straight up suck my dick and the Bulldrome? Come on dude. If you’re thinking back to how much you miss Qurupeco then shit is BAD.



When it’s good though

Holy wow. Seeing the new visual effects and bonkers new monsters it’s shocking what that little 3DS can do. They stand out SO much from the old monsters, it’s crazy.


This one’s for the fans

I’m still early, but from what I’ve seen, I really don’t think this is for the newcomer. They’ll be fine, there’s so much resource out there now for you to learn, but it’s a love letter to the fans. Old characters, old levels (that look AWFUL), call backs. It’s all there. Calling it “Generations” for the west makes a lot of sense if you have a history with the series.

So can you still enjoy it if you have no fucking clue who the Argosy Captain is? For sure. If you enjoy playing with the batshit crazy systems and tweaking it to best crush the fuck out of some mons, then there’s a tonne to get amongst here.


If you feel like hunt gimme a shout!






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