E3 2016 restored some of my faith in Microsoft


Like most of this community, I was primarily an Xbox 360 owner during the last generation. After the launch of the original Xbox and having it’s ass kinda kicked around by Sony and the PS2, Microsoft took notice of what exactly the market wanted and implemented changes that dominated during the PS3/360 era.

When the current consoles launched, it wasn’t entirely clear if the market actually wanted them, and if they did, what EXACTLY they wanted them to do. Microsoft took a gamble and decided to roll in a bunch of features that essentially detracted from the games playing machine that the market eventually told them they wanted.

This hurt them. The raw numbers reflect this with Sony significantly outselling Microsoft in the early days of this generation. With Microsoft being Microsoft, I had personally written them off as well. The damage was irreparable, almost everyone I knew had bought into the Sony ecosystem, slowly rebuilding our community which had initially started within Xbox Live.

But Microsoft’s showing at E3 has started to restore my faith in their ability to listen and react to a fickle as FUCK market. Their recently announced strategy of bringing first party exclusives to Windows 10, something they had quietly (but bumpily) been working towards, shows signs of a company intelligently identifying problems and making the necessary changes to survive.

An interview with Phil Spencer by Giant Bomb resonated with me in a way that I started to feel excited to see what Microsoft could actually accomplish. It’s weird to think of this massive company as this scrappy underdog, and that’s not how they perceive themselves, but it’s how i’m starting to see them, and that’s interesting to see.

The seemingly transparent announcement of Project Scorpio has also helped their public image as well. Sure their not about to spill every bean pertaining their future, but they nailed the messaging, something that has been sorely lacking during this console cycle.

I’m not about to run out and buy an Xbox One, but Microsoft, you sure as shit, have my attention once again.

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